5 Simple DIY Projects to Transform Your Living Room

DIY living room projects involve looking beyond the expected. Paint can be an incredible transformative force that transforms furniture, accent walls and more – be sure to consider this option when planning DIY living room DIY projects!

Throw pillows and throw blankets can instantly revitalize a seating area. Trade in winter velvets for light neutrals or pastel patterns for spring.

1. Paint the Ceiling

Not often considered when decorating, painting the ceiling is an easy DIY project that can transform your living room. If your walls have pale hues, add contrast by painting your ceiling in darker hues to ground the space and provide an anchor point against which to display furniture and accessories. Green living room ideas benefit greatly from having dark backdrops to set off furniture pieces and accessories against.

Paint the ceiling two shades darker than your walls to add drama and luxuriousness. This design trick works particularly well if your room features exposed beams; creating an eye-catching contrast against their white surfaces.

Alternately, another effective technique for adding height is dividing walls with white stripes, then colour blocking either side with vibrant hues that lift your spirits. This simple paint technique instantly highlights height in any room while easily adapting to personal styles.

2. Paint the Floorboards

At times, rooms can become stagnant, and one simple solution to refresh their look is applying fresh coat of paint. A splash of colour will do wonders in instantly rejuvenating any living space! Brighten a white ceiling, add an accent wall color or introduce soothing grey hues – any change will instantly transform it.

If you want a bolder change, consider painting your floorboards – this project can be completed within hours and won’t set you back more than the price of one tin of paint!

Refinishing floorboards with chalk paint is both straightforward and stylish, making a lasting statement in your home or workplace. To get professional-looking results, visit an Annie Sloan Stockist near you for advice and assistance with techniques and color selection; then once complete seal with lacquer to keep it pristine.

3. Make a Coffee Table Display

Setting up an art gallery-inspired vignette on your coffee table can be an excellent way to express your personal style without breaking the bank on new decor. By stacking objects, you can control their heights and add dimension – as evidenced here by turquoise vases and rustic tray.

While bookshelves may become disorganized with decorative items, adding a simple theme such as matchbooks can help make them look organized and refined. Choose one element as the focal point and arrange book stacks on your shelves so they serve as conversation pieces when guests visit your shelves.

If your living room features wood furniture, add vibrant hues by painting either its legs or entire piece. Altering its hue can give the furnishings a completely different vibe in the space and breathe new life into old favorites.

4. Paint the Walls

Painting can be one of the easiest and fastest ways to transform any living room, whether that means using it on walls or renewing old moldings. Plus, it’s quick and affordable way to change up its entire appearance!

If you want to add drama, dark wall paint colors such as deep olive tones could add the needed dramatic impact. For more neutral decors, choose lighter hues like soft pastels to bring life back into the living room’s color scheme.

If you want to create your own wall art, start with a blank canvas. From there, use different colored paint splatters or brushes to craft an abstract piece for your living room wall art, or set up a simple gallery wall of matching frames and black-and-white photos that can easily be switched out when something new catches your eye.

5. Rearrange Your Furniture

Reducing furniture’s contact with walls may seem tempting, but leaving even just an inch or two between pieces can actually create more spaciousness in rooms. For added flair and an added designer touch, try placing pieces diagonally so they lead the eye through a room more seamlessly.

If you don’t want to invest in new furniture pieces, simply arranging things differently can give your living room an updated appearance. Start by decluttering tables and shelves from small items such as lamps and decorative accessories like lampshades.

As an alternative to a classic picture wall, try filling large wall planters with easy-care ferns and trailing plants for an instant revamp of a tired living space. This option works particularly well if used for entertaining as it creates an instant focal point that requires minimal care to maintain.

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