Choosing the Right Material for Your Outdoor Furniture

Luxury outdoor furniture can be made of various materials, from stainless steel to powder-coated wood. Some even feature different table top materials. Each material is durable and has its own characteristics. Some materials will weather more easily than others. If you’re considering purchasing a piece of outdoor furniture that will last for years, it’s important to consider the materials used to build it. If you want to avoid fading and stains, make sure to choose weather-resistant materials.

Depending on where you live, outdoor furniture is often made from three different materials: wood, synthetics, and metal. Your selection should depend on the style and lifestyle you have. Different materials require different care and mobility. Some are heavy and prone to rusting, while others are easy to clean and care for. Read this article to make the best selection. Consider the following tips when choosing the right material. You may find some pieces of furniture that you’d prefer to keep indoors.

While steel is the most durable material for outdoor furniture, it can also be extremely expensive. Stainless steel furniture won’t tip over easily and will be stationary against the wind. While steel is durable, it’s also susceptible to rust, so look for galvanized or stainless steel furniture. Plastic materials can be lightweight, but may require additional support in high winds. However, if you’re concerned about the weight of plastic outdoor furniture, there are some alternatives that are more economical.

Plastic material is the least expensive choice, but isn’t as attractive as other materials. The exception is the “all-weather” wicker, which is a blend of synthetic fibers woven around a metal frame. While real wicker isn’t impervious to sunlight and moisture, the synthetic version is easy to clean and maintain. You can find a variety of colors and textures on the market for your patio furniture.

Unlike traditional foam, compressed polyester is water-repellent and dries quickly. This material is a good choice for low to moderate-use outdoor environments, but is likely to lose its shape if used frequently. Because it’s inexpensive, polyester fiberfill is also machine washable, but the loose fibers tend to bunch up when washed. Consequently, it may need to be reshaped after heavy use. But overall, these options are worth considering.

Another type of mesh is Textilene, which is similar to Batyline. Luxurious outdoor furniture brands use this material on the seat slings of their lounge chairs and sofas. Textilene mesh is available in various mesh grades. It’s also appropriate for awnings, tarps, and sun screens. However, the meshes won’t protect wicker from sunlight and moisture. Choosing the right outdoor furniture can be a daunting task.

While outdoor spaces are often large enough to accommodate multiple functions, you might find that you’d like to divide your space into two areas. The dining area could contain table and chairs, while the sunbathing area should be equipped with chaise longues and an outdoor lounge. You’ll also need to decide whether you prefer a dining area or a relaxing space for entertaining guests. Once you have your criteria, you can choose the perfect outdoor furniture.