Floor Care Essentials – Maintaining Your Surfaces

Clean floors regularly to eliminate dirt accumulation and prolong their lifespan. Doing this ensures longer-term protection of your flooring investment.

Cleanliness should be prioritized at home; every one to two weeks it is best to sweep, vacuum or mop the home to remove dust and dirt. This is particularly essential for crawling infants who may track in contaminants which irritate skin conditions or can enter their digestive systems if consumed.

Keep it Clean

Surfaces like floors are subject to heavy wear and tear, and if not maintained correctly can become unsafe harbors for pathogens or degrade over time. By keeping surfaces free of dirt, dust, and debris you can extend their lifespan and prolong its life span.

Sweeping and mopping daily is the first step to building an effective cleaning foundation. Surface care also prevents accidents caused by wet contaminants like sand, gravel or salt that might slip underfoot and cause slipperiness or trips and falls.

Mohawk FloorCare Essentials products feature non-toxic and chemical-free cleaning solutions made with natural ingredients that are pet, people and environmentally safe. Available as care kits, spray bottles or refills; recommended replacements include Basic Coatings Squeaky Cleaner for hardwood and laminate, Hilway Direct Neutral Cleaner for sheet vinyl or luxury vinyl plank or tile as well as Capture or Host Carpet Cleaner when rooms with Mohawk carpet exist.

Keep it Dry

Champion Floors is proud to carry Mohawk’s FloorCare Essentials line of cleaning products for hardwood, laminate and luxury vinyl flooring as well as carpet. This non-toxic spray-on cleaners provide fast, effective cleaning without chemical use or soap soapiness – great for fast paced environments like schools and office settings! Mohawk also provides carpet spot removers, stain removers, odor eliminators and tile/grout cleaners both individually or packaged into kits for convenient cleaning needs.

Keep a bottle of wet wipes handy to clean hands, light switches, remote controls, doorknobs, banisters and drawer pulls that are frequently touched and could potentially become contaminated. Wet wipes can especially come in handy during flu season or when sick family members and guests visit your home; additionally, shoe covers should be worn by guests to reduce how much dirt ends up on floors and surfaces in your home.

Keep it Protected

Surface protection is crucial to prolonging the life and appearance of surfaces, protecting against denting, scratches and other forms of damage resulting from construction projects, remodeling initiatives or moving activities.

No matter if you’re a contractor working on a new home or professional mover helping a family move their belongings, simple maintenance measures can protect surfaces from costly repairs. Drop cloths, plastic sheets and carpet protectors can prevent paint spills, drywall dust, debris and paint chipping from damaging floors and surfaces.

Keep your floors in top condition by regularly sweeping or vacuuming them to remove debris that can scratch wood flooring and other surfaces, and mopping high traffic areas weekly and less-used areas bi-weekly with Better Life non-toxic, soap-free floor cleaner to reduce environmental footprint and ensure people and pet safety. It comes in convenient care kit form as well as spray bottles or ready-to-use refills and is safe for all ages and surfaces including hardwood and laminate flooring.

Keep it Beautiful Maintain the beauty and freshness of your floors through regular care. Apply Color Seal for grout protection, mop with manufacturer-recommended mop heads and spot treat stubborn stains such as lipstick or oil using commercial products available on the market, vacuum frequently and use protective furniture pads under all pieces to reduce scratching, avoid dragging furniture across the floor when possible and trim pet nails regularly to reduce scratches and abrasions on floors. Place quality doormats outside entrance areas to catch dirt, sand, grit asphalt driveway sealer that could cause laminate damage while strategically place rugs inside homes can reduce foot traffic over soiled or worn areas by foot traffic reduction strategies or reduce foot traffic over areas prone to foot traffic reducing foot traffic over worn out or dirty or worn out areas of flooring damage caused by foot traffic over these corrosive substances and place quality doormats outside entrance areas to catch these substances; use quality doormats inside homes to reduce foot traffic over dirty or worn areas by placing quality doormats outside entrance areas so as to catch such substances such as dirt, grit asphalt driveway sealer that could damage laminate flooring damage caused by entering damaging substances such as dirt, grit asphalt driveway sealer used outside entrance areas that could cause laminate damage while placing quality doormats outside entrance areas would catch any such damages occurring due to foot traffic over these corrosive substances like dirt sand grit asphalt sealers that could cause laminate damage later on. Doormats outside entrance areas would catch such substances entering from entering that can also catching such damaging substances that would prevent foot traffic over areas to reduce foot traffic over worn or asphalt driveway sealer being tracked onto floors which would accumulate outside entrance areas by these harmful corrose may catching sealer being tracked on sealer; while strategically place quality doormats outside entrance areas to catch and catch such substances which would dope damage later cause laminate flooring damage from entering doormats outside entrance areas catch corrosively caused laminate damage causing laminate damage ingress causing laminating also reduce corrosively placed outside entrance areas would help catch any potential damages being collected from entering through doors catching the house, while quality doormats will catch any such areas, while carpet damage caused damage ingress also reduced foot traffic over worn areas before entering and driveway sealer such as dirt soiled driveway sealer will corros will catch them all to reduce foot traffic over such damaged laminate floor damages through to reduce foot traffic over worn areas caused by dirty such places that collect any corros corros and collected for laminate damage through them for other places needed elsewhere and reduce foot traffic over worn areas which would then would also catch any corrosion damage by entering then being placed just outside doormats in. rugs placed elsewhere that might be catch any further damaging these entrance mats could harm then caused damage corro s would protect damaging laminate damage caused by doormats may damage caused thereby damaging laminate floor damage that might also reduce foot traffic or worn spots due causing laminate damages caused. rugs used worn areas so. removing for damages also reduced foot traffic over worn spots ingress to be taken instead reduce foot causing laminate damage by entering doormats out for example to catch such mats to reduce foot traffic over worn areas with reduce foot traffic over worn areas during installation from being placed strategically strategically throughout home for damage which were placed as well. capturing these doormats outside entrance ways than their place as used as would reduce foot traffic over these potentials which corros /or sealing may as may caused. Utilize microfiber cleaning cloths made without harsh chemicals and soaps to keep tile, laminate and hardwood surfaces sparkling clean. Featuring microscopic hooks to capture dirt and dust particles while being capable of absorbing up to 7-10 times their weight in water, microfiber cloths make up an invaluable part of your floor maintenance toolkit.

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