How to Elevate Small Bathroom Ideas

If you find yourself overindulging, consider opting for something smaller like this freestanding tub from Keren Richter; its luxurious look may require less floor space while looking just as luxurious.

Add visual interest with faux greenery that’s easy to maintain and saves surface area. Faux plants add visual flair while being practical additions in terms of maintenance costs and surface area utilization.

Wall Vanity

Wall-mounted vanities save space on the floor by being attached directly to the wall; creating an airy feel while providing functionality and style.

Accentuate any basic small vanity by painting it a bold color and adding eye-catching knobs or handles that stand out. For instance, this moody green vanity boasts traditional charm with its wooden drawer knobs and brass latches on cabinet doors completing its traditional aesthetic.

If storage is key to you, opt for a vanity with drawers to safely house toiletries and cleaning supplies. If open shelving is present on your vanity, add organizers or trays as necessary to corral miscellaneous items.

Freestanding Storage Cabinets

Expand bathroom storage with floor cabinets that take advantage of limited spaces while complementing any decor. This slim cabinet fits easily between the toilet and sink base cabinet for additional bath/beauty product storage and other knickknacks. A cabinet door covers its shelves to prevent items from spilling out while an open top shelf holds greenery or decorative vases.

This tall linen tower provides open and concealed storage space for home decor items, towels, and more. Featuring beadboard paneled doors for an authentic appearance and anti-toppling fittings to protect it against toppling over, this cabinet can easily fit in bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, or entryways for convenient home organization.

Light Fixtures

Light fixtures can significantly change the aesthetic and mood of a bathroom, creating visual harmony when coordinated with mirror and vanity finishes. Spot lighting may be best in small bathrooms as it frees up wall space. Designs that can be adjusted so you can highlight features or alter mood as needed are highly preferred.

Lighting is essential in any room, and especially essential in small bathrooms. Selecting fixtures with ample brightness can transform the space to feel bigger and brighter – helping you start each day refreshed and end it relaxed.

Floating Fixtures

Floating fixtures add an elegant style that adds visual interest to a small bathroom. Use these pieces wherever there is enough space, including in corners or nooks where shelves or hooks might fit nicely.

Install shelves wherever possible to keep the area around a sink free from clutter and keep wicker baskets on open shelving for hand towels and greenery storage; alternatively display unique artwork and vintage canisters for an eye-catching decorative touch.

Find a mirror with an integrated shelf for extra storage space – perfect for holding makeup and toiletries – as this will make the room seem brighter and larger.

Neutral Color Palette

No matter your style of bathroom decor, a classic neutral color palette creates an environment of serenity and elegance. Spa-inspired greens to soothing blues – neutral colors can easily be dressed up with silver accents and white trim for any design aesthetic.

Arctic Fox S503, an off-white with light blue undertones, makes an excellent bathroom paint shade that works with many color combinations – especially vibrant ones such as Sherwin-Williams’ 2023 Color of the Year Redend Point! This neutral paint can work beautifully alongside these vibrant hues.

Milkshake Y411 will add flair and vibrancy to any small bathroom, and is easy to pair with neutrals or other pink paint colors.


When choosing floor tiles with bold patterns, keep their color scheme simple to avoid overwhelming your space. Subtle options like subway or penny tiles make an excellent selection as they’re versatile and simple to keep clean.

decorative options such as hexagon, herringbone and arabesque patterns add visual interest without overwhelming your bathroom walls with attention-grabbing patterns. Choose a grout color that complements the tile to complete its design and complete its look.

Expanding a shower tile design onto the floor is another effective way of unifying small bathrooms and making them feel less disjointed and chaotic. Here, a white chevron pattern on the floor mimics the horizontal lines found around this space’s window trim and visually expands it further.

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