Natural Home Decor and Design Inspired by Different Natural Landscapes

Relaxation comes easily when enjoying nature, so incorporating nature-inspired home decor is an enjoyable and therapeutic addition to your interior design scheme. Given its timeless and chic style, natural decorations work beautifully with any aesthetic style imaginable.

Plants are the go-to choice when it comes to natural decor ideas, but even simple pieces such as framed landscape prints or grasscloth wallpaper can bring the outdoors inside. Enlarge a sentimental photo from a recent vacation or camping trip for added personalization of the design process.


As part of natural home decor, one of the easiest and most obvious ways to incorporate plants is with actual plants. From statement centerpieces to simple greenery on coffee tables, plants add life and color to any room they adorn – and faux plants are an easy and beautiful way to keep nature at the center of design!

Integrate nature-inspired elements into your interior design through textures and materials. Wood furniture featuring exposed grains, knots and live edges; or woven rattan furniture can provide a glimpse of nature without actually having to leave your room!

Subtle nods to nature can be achieved by adding earthy shades into your room through natural-fiber textiles, wall art and other decorative accents. Utilizing neutral hues such as green, brown and tan will serve as the perfect canvas against which other brighter hues can truly stand out in artwork, throw pillows or table settings.


Wallpaper is experiencing a revival — search interest has skyrocketed this year on Houzz, as more homeowners use wallpaper to make a statement in spaces such as laundry rooms, powder rooms, bars and closets. Creatives from around the country use eye-catching designs from leafy motifs to vintage sketchbook-inspired options to transform everyday spaces into something extraordinary.

If you’re going for an all-out forest theme, try wallpapering one door while painting the remainder of your room a hue that matches or complements this pattern – this creates an impactful yet cohesive look without overpowering your space with too many patterns.

Go bold with an expansive floor-to-ceiling scenic landscape print! This is a bold step that can produce amazing results if chosen carefully; these modern line drawings from Farrow & Ball work wonderfully when chosen without botanical influences and provide more of a minimalistic vibe than more classic floral wallpaper designs.

Wall Art

Natural home decor can add texture, color and peace to any room’s design. Simply adding plants or creating wall art inspired by different natural landscapes is all it takes.

Nature-inspired artwork may depict waterfalls, oceans, sunrises and sunsets, mountains, greenery and other natural elements – even some typographic pieces using letters or words to communicate a message directly.

Other types of wall art include woven tapestries that display stunning patterns or scenes from nature. This piece can make your home stand out, drawing guests closer and prompting them to lean closer for a closer look. Wood wall hangings can add rustic, earthy vibes, which can help transform any area that needs some revamping in your home.


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