Rustic and Country Home Decor

Rustic and Country Home Decor offers a calming, approachable aesthetic perfect for relaxed living. It combines clean lines, natural materials and simple details to create an aesthetic that’s both classic and modern at once.

Today’s rustic and farmhouse decor draws inspiration from antique prints, eclectic assemblages, distressed painted finishes and more. Whitewashed shiplap walls, subway tiles and wood accents give off a more contemporary vibe; on the other hand, farmhouse-inspired repurposed projects such as rustic wooden ledge shelves with unique storage give off an aged farmhouse vibe.

Natural Elements

If you’re seeking to create a tranquil space that will help you unwind or simply want more natural decor for your home, there are plenty of ways to incorporate nature into your design. Items such as wood, cotton, plants or wicker can help bring that outdoorsy feeling indoors by bringing elements like wood, cotton, plants or wicker inside.

Integrating natural elements into your rustic or country home decor is the key to creating a look you love and that complements your style. Cotton, seagrass and plants are all natural materials which can help you bring nature indoors.

Another way to achieve a natural aesthetic in your decor is by incorporating wood in its raw form. Rustic features like beams and furniture can instantly give off an organic vibe in the design.

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is a widely sought-after material for rustic and country home decor. It offers warmth and versatility, as well as plenty of character.

Reclaimed wood is a sustainable resource: since it doesn’t rely on new-cut trees to grow, it has less of an environmental impact than new-growth lumber. Furthermore, this saves wood from landfill and can be recycled to combat climate change.

Reclaimed wood is strong: Reclaimed lumber was likely harvested from trees that evolved naturally in areas with limited resources such as water and sunlight, making it stronger and more durable than lumber from newly-grown forests.

Finally, it looks fantastic: Naturally weathered with captivating coloring, fascinating knots, wear patterns, insect markings and old nail holes that draw the eye in and tell a tale.

When searching for reclaimed lumber, look for a company with an established quality check program and milling expertise. While this may take more time and effort than buying wood from your local home center, the end result will be beautiful reclaimed wood that you love!

Color Palettes

The rustic color palette is often composed of earthy tones such as greens, browns, grays and oranges; however it’s not limited to these hues alone.

For instance, soft blue or chic mauve can add a fresh look to neutral decor. While these colors may not be essential in a rustic design, they can add depth and dimension to your home.

Another way to add color and character to your rustic and country home decor is with curated wall art. Look for pieces that have been created using natural elements such as freshly picked flowers or vases filled with branches.

You can use your garden as a guide when selecting shades for your room. For example, if your yard is filled with seasonal wildflowers, select hues that reflect what they bloom during that time of year.


Texture is an essential element in rustic and country home decor, bringing the style to life and making rooms feel cozy.

Colors are essential in this style of design – deep browns, tans and forest greens look fantastic. White accents can be subtle but necessary for balancing out the earthy tones.

Rustic homes often showcase rough wood elements like exposed beams and reclaimed barnwood, along with natural materials like jute rugs and braided baskets.

This style emphasizes comfort, so you’ll find plenty of pillows and woven blankets in this design. It’s ideal for those who enjoy nature since it utilizes elements found naturally.

One essential element of this design style is a fireplace. Whether it’s an old-school wooden one or modern gas-fueled unit, having a fireplace will instantly warm and cozy up your space.

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