Futuristic Home Features

A futuristic home can be filled with all kinds of technological features. From automated appliances and home systems to smart phones and smart TVs, futuristic homes offer a host of possibilities. The following are some of the latest and greatest features. Whether you are interested in a new home or just a home improvement project, there are many ways to incorporate futuristic features into your property. Read on to learn more. Listed below are just a few examples of futuristic home features.

Modern futuristic homes feature a minimalistic setting and emphasize high definition technology and functional design. Luxury Antonovich Design specializes in luxurious-modern themed interiors. They offer complete design services and a line of luxury furniture to match your needs and lifestyle. They use the latest in technology and design to create homes that are both functional and stunning. These futuristic home features are sure to impress! They’ll be the envy of all your friends.

Future homes will be connected to their neighbourhoods through an energy grid and feature level access. They’ll also utilize improved technology and flexible layouts. According to Futurology: The New Home in 2050, commissioned by the NHBC Foundation, a non-profit organisation dedicated to research and development for the house building industry, homes of the future will incorporate technologies like videophones and automatic controls of appliances. In addition, home-building systems will be controlled by voice commands or centralized computer systems.

One of the most notable futuristic home features is the glass fireplace screen. It echoes up the wall like a robotic shark, while a cutaway in the carpet reveals LED lighting. The L-shaped kitchen cabinetry features obliquely set in a diagonal pattern, making the sink and bathtub appear to ‘curve’ into the walls. In the living room, a custom-made desk bends out from the wall and cuts off a corner of the room. The base of the desk, coffee table, and storage walls are held up by organic-style struts.

One such futuristic apartment building, a Copper-clad structure in the Dolomites, is an unusual but impressive piece of architecture. It is the only residential project by Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid. The building’s exterior design is similarly futuristic, with balconies that protrude from the facade. A separate volume houses the master suite. A sculptural master bedroom sits in the upper level, while the rest of the apartment is located in the lower level.

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