Must-Have Features for Today’s Homes

The National Association of Home Builders recently surveyed home buyers to determine the most sought-after features in today’s homes. While a few features can be done on a budget and in a relatively short time, other upgrades require a larger investment and require planning. If you plan to make any changes to your home, it’s worth consulting a real estate agent for advice. The following are some of the most popular home features today.

Wireless connectivity is another must-have feature. In addition to ensuring that your home has reliable wireless connectivity, it should also have ample outlets for charging mobile devices. A home office that’s easy to set up with a charging station can be a great selling point. Even better, home technology can be used for daily living and for parties, boosting the value of your home. For example, a wireless network-equipped home office can make your life more convenient.

Outdoor living areas are another must-have feature. Outdoor living spaces can include beautiful stone patios, decks, or refrigerators. If you have children, consider adding a second-floor gameroom. A gameroom provides a great place for kids to hang out and play. It also provides space for books and entertainment. In addition, a second-floor gameroom offers a private area for a family to enjoy a movie or game night.

Exterior lighting is another must-have feature. Outdoor lighting is important for both aesthetic and security reasons. According to a recent study, 87 percent of buyers listed exterior lighting as the second most desired feature. Ceiling fans added security and curb appeal and are an increasingly sought-after feature for homes. Moreover, ceiling fans make rooms cooler in the summer and help to keep cooling costs low. In addition, exterior lighting can enhance security and privacy, and they can be installed in your backyard.

Smart technology is another feature buyers are looking for. The latest smart technology can even make working in the kitchen easier and more pleasant. A variety of smart appliances can preheat your casserole while you’re away or cook a delicious meal when you return home. A smart thermostat, meanwhile, can sense when you’re home and automatically adjust the temperature accordingly. These advanced features can also save on energy bills.

Having ample storage space is another feature that prospective home buyers are looking for. A walk-in pantry is one of the most sought-after kitchen features. A home without enough storage space is prone to becoming crowded. Many buyers with families know that their kitchens tend to become cramped when they don’t have ample cabinet space. Dedicated storage space allows them to avoid the hustle and bustle of a busy grocery store.

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